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Arispotle Shard Information

Mo, 13.08.2012, 06:40 UTC (7 years ago)
Last server reboot
Tu, 25.09.2012, 14:25 UTC (7 years ago)
Season change: Summer
Su, 30.09.2012, 02:25 UTC (7 years ago)
Season change: Autumn

Receipes for Jewels

PvM/Level Schmuck 1 (by Thaxlssillyia)
Mit Schutz gegen Stinga, Psykopla, Kincher, Kirosta uvam.
PvM/Level Schmuck 2 (by Thaxlssillyia)
Gegen Najabs, Kincher, ...
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Total 73 receipes, 30 publicly available